We may not have hoverboards or flying cars yet, but technology has advanced by leaps and bounds since the days of faxes, car phones and room-sized computers. And of all the technological marvels unimagined by generations past, it’s the smartphone that changed the way we live the most. We can connect with friends halfway around the world while on the go, stream high-definition TV, and order just about anything from anywhere with a couple taps. But in the drive for better, faster technology and ever more instant ways to communicate, our health may be languishing. Health professionals suggest setting a tech curfew before bedtime, ideally an hour before you want to go to sleep. You can also try to change your screen’s setting so that it emits a warmer light during nighttime. Finally, bad posture during smartphone and digital screen usage is an easy trap to fall into. The ways to dodge neck pain could be hard to remember initially but could prove beneficial: Hold your phone to at least shoulder level, don’t slouch, keep your computer at eye level, and keep your monitor at least an arm’s distance away.

Cell Phone Hazards

Smartphones are the most popular types of cell phones, and they’re also one of the few that emit a high level of radiation. Holding a smartphone, or any cell phone for that matter, in your pocket or bra is extremely risky to reproductive organs and breasts. Here are five ways cell phones pose a health risk:

1. Your phone could be making you sick.


If your phone is basically your fifth limb, even those who wash their hands regularly could be carrying around a lot more germs than they think. The Wall Street Journal conducted an experiment in which it tested eight random phones from its office. Every single one carried high levels of a bacteria suggesting fecal contamination. Many phones even carry more germs than a toilet seat.

2. Cancer Risk


A new study from Sweden suggests decades of cell phone use can triple your chances for brain cancer. While even a tripled risk is low, this latest finding contradicts one from 2010 that found no strong link between cell phone use and brain tumors. These types of studies look at users who are constantly holding cell phones against their heads.

3. Hindering Sleep


Cell phones might even be hazardous to our sleep, with the latest evidence suggesting that individuals with smartphones in the bedroom sleep less each night. In addition, microwave radiation from cell phones is much riskier for kids than originally thought. One study noted a child’s brain tissue and bone marrow actually absorbs significantly more than those of an adult.

4. Do Cell Phones Promote Social and Psychological Issues?


Research has often studied the way cell phones change the way we think, but a team of researchers found cell phones actually interfere with normal socialization. The near constant use even creates learned compulsive behaviors With the average young adult sending about 109 text messages and checking their phone a little over 60 times per day, the fear here is that this type of behavior could lead to potentially dangerous addictions.

5. Those earbuds might be damaging your hearing.


Turn down the volume. Thirty-five percent of adults and almost 60 percent of teenagers listen to personal music devices at loud volumes. When more than 30 percent of Americans older than 20 have suffered some loss of high-frequency hearing, those are scary numbers. Whether or not cranking the tunes will actually affect your hearing depends on the individual. Some people have more sensitive ears, and those earbud listeners could notice hearing loss after listening for only a couple hours each day, Time reports. While it all depends on your phone’s volume and how you’re personally affected by sound, the safest bet is to turn down the music.

6. Cell phones can hurt relationships.


Even though texting may seem like a quick and easy way to stay connected to the ones you love, research suggests that texting too much can actually hurt your relationship. Brigham Young University researchers found that texting to apologize or resolve conflicts resulted in a lower relationship quality for women. And receiving too many texts left men with a lower relationship quality. But it’s not all bad, expressing affection through texts enhanced the relationship for both men and women. So, go ahead and text over “I love yous” regularly—but leave the arguments and in-depth conversations for the next time you see each other.

7. Psychological Health


From an efficiency standpoint, the capabilities of smartphones have led to explosive growth in how we communicate and get things done. But for anxiety, it can be both harmful and helpful, says Breus. Many people feel a compulsion to respond to texts, emails or other alerts as they arrive, allowing outside tasks to leak into time spent on a current task, whether it’s leisure or business. “We have some sort of information addiction that could be creeping up,” Breus says. A side effect of having access to so many different streams of information – and at least two or three gadgets to access them from – is the rise of multitasking, something that has repeatedly been found to decrease our brains’ grey matter density, the stuff that’s related to cognition and emotional control.

8. Spinal Misalignment


A Surprising Connection, Think about how many times a day you check your phone. It might not be as many times as those in number 4, but all that constant tilting down to look at your phone screen can take its toll, leading to neck and back pain as well as migraines. This is not just something caused by looking at cell phone screens; doctors are even seeing it more and more in younger children because of handheld games.
More and more authorities are noting the possible risks of cell phones. In 2011, the World Health Organization conceded cell phones are “possibly carcinogenic,” and, since then, more and more research has been added to the danger pile. Now, the FCC is reassessing safe radiation exposure limits for cell phones, something that hasn’t been explored since 1996. It might not lead to rapid change, but it’s a start.

9. Disease Carriers


Let’s be honest, how often do you clean your cell phone? It’s not really something we think about, but a recent study noted cell phones could be as dirty as public toilet seats, and that the heat phones generate makes a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Disinfecting cell phones is always a good idea since these germs can even infect you.

10. It can cause neck and upper back pain.


A couple hours of hunching over your smart phones can trigger discomfort beginning with pain in the back of the neck and shoulders.

These’re the 10 crucial manner smart phones canister deleterious for our haleness.


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