14 Facts About Human Body Prove That It Is Insanely Miracle

The human body is a treasure of fully amazing things and there are countless interesting facts about our body which might we never wondered or thought of.  Did you know that babies have 60 more bones than an adult person? You probably don’t know. As you dig deeper, your quest will invite you to chase more information so before wasting time let us try to expand our knowledge of the human body by learning some interesting facts.

1. Women’s hearts beat faster than men’s hearts beat

Our heartbeat all depends on the gender, generally, women’s heartbeat is faster than men’s. This is something really surprising. But here too, you go gals!

2. Sweat is odorless

We all have cursed of our sweat which is million times for producing the awful odor. But the sweat was innocent always. It is bacteria which mix with sweat and create a stinky smell.

3. You cannot taste Without your saliva

Without saliva in human mouth that they cannot taste anything. In order to taste any food for which the chemical from the substance must be dissolved by saliva. Even when you dry your tongue, the only things is that you will lose your sense of taste.

4. A sneeze generates a wind of speed 166 Km/hr

When a person sneezes it generates a wind of speed around 166 Km/hr which is (100 mi/hr), and cough moves out at 100 Km/hr which is (60 mi/hr). This is more than the speed of a metro train which is unbelievable!

5. Your nose can smell at least a trillion type of scents

Amazing, isn’t it? For sure, our little nose is not much powerful as animal have but still, human nose can sense 50,000 different aromas.

6. Pool of Saliva

An average person in the whole world produces enough saliva in their lifetime to fill 2 big swimming pools.

7. A human body is made up of 700,000,000,000,000,000 billion atoms

An Atom is the smallest part of the element that can exist. Just like bricks, our body is also made like this only for e.g., “7×10 rest to 17” atoms. It’s incredible!

8. Facial hair grows faster than any other

Our facial hair which grows faster than any other hair on the body. Great fact for men but quite depressing for women.

9. Iron with which a metal nail can be made

We all have heard from our elder that in our body it have enough iron with which a metal ion can be made. But it’s astonishing to know that this iron gets accumulated in such a huge amount that it can produce a 3 inches long iron nail!

10. Excessive body hair is linked to higher intellect

A combination of hair and intellect sounds odd. Well, now you will feel proud of your excess body hair as they linked to higher intellect.

11. Ears and Nose keep growing as you age to grow up

This sounds odd. We all know our body keeps growing as our age grow. But I think none of us have ever thought the same for our Nose and Ears.

12. Power a small bulb

When we are awake, the human brain produces enough energy to power a small bulb. As we are a powerhouse of energy.

13. Tolerance to alcohol

People with blue eyes have more tolerance to alcohol. Which the blue eyes are captivating

14. 576 megapixels cameras

If human eye was a camera then it would be 576 megapixels, and our eyes are the best camera we can ever have.

Do you already know most of these facts?