Processed white flour

Processed white flour is also harmful White flour is not good for your health, because it is white due to processed and it contains a lot of saturated fat. Saturated fat is related to cancer. There are more chemical and chlorine gas. It has a bad effect on the body.
Well, White rice also comes in the list of acidic foods because it contains plenty of sugar compared to brown rice. If someone sees the earliest symptoms of cancer, then it should be avoided.

Potato Chips: If you are not interested in potato chips anywhere?

People should be cautious about things like potato chips or French fries because so far only they were considered responsible for increasing obesity and heart disease, but it is now believed that it is also the cause of cancer. According to a survey in Sweden, some foods containing starch are found to have a chemical called acrylamide.

Acrylamide is an element which is present in cooked, fried or grilled foods at temperatures above 120 degrees Centigrade. And is related to cancer. Researchers at Stockholm University found that when potato or rice filled with carbohydrate is cooked, acrylamide is formed.


Amazing donuts crave to eat and see you pull you on. But donuts can increase the risk of cancer in more than one type. Donuts are made of white flour, sugar, and hydrogenated oil and the amount of sugar present in it affects the amount of insulin in the body and cancer stimulates the growth and division of these cells, especially in pancreatic cancer.

Tomatoes closed in cans

However, due to the founding of lycopene in a product made from tomatoes, it is beneficial for the health of the prostate. But the product made from canned tomatoes and tomatoes increases the risk of cancer. A synthetic estrogen bisphenol-A (BPA) is found in the layer of tin. Since tomatoes are acidic, bisphenol-A can dissolve in it. So you should avoid the production of canned tomatoes.


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