4 Signs through which Nails shows symptoms of various diseases

Have you ever heard that nails of our fingers let us identify our health? Yeah its bit shocking, but you will get more shocked on reading the entire article. It’s not farced, it is true that we can know about health through examining our nails. Some people treat their nails as a fun part, as they think by decorating it they can add a surplus to their beauty. While some other people neglect this kind of beauty and never appreciate big and fancy nails.

According to the Britannica Encyclopaedia, the uppermost part of the nail known as the nail plate is connected to the nail bed, and when the cells in nails at the edges nail plate grow away from the underlying nail, then seems to turn into the white colour and die eventually. This is the reason we feel no pain when we cut them out. Whereas if mistakenly cut our cuticles, it starts painting like a hell. Nails protect the ends of finger’s and toes. Let us know how the nails play a vital role in knowing about one’s health and what signs cause let us know about the issues.

1. Colour of nails, helps us to identify if we are facing infection or Kidney/Liver issue

If you ever find yellow and white spots on nails, you need to get a consult to doctor about it, as it is the reason for concern. According to Mayo Clinic, the White colour of nails is caused due to a condition that is known as Terry’s Nails, further, it may act as the symptoms of liver disease, failure of the kidney.

Often the times mistakenly cut on the nail bed or any kind of injury may result in the condition that seems to be common nowadays, and known as “Leukonychia”. There can be two reasons for having the yellow colour nails, one needs to be concerned and the other can be neglected.

According to the WebMD, The first reason shows the symptoms of various serious diseases like thyroid disease, psoriasis and also fungal infection, which is why if you find your nails yellow, you are required to consult a doctor about it. Whereas the second reason is nothing to talk about as it could be due to the nail polish stain and for which you do not need to concern. If you find your nails green, you may face GNS (Green Nail Syndrome). People who work in healthcare and as a cook, seems to have more risk of getting this disease. According to “American Osteopathic College of Dermatology “ this disease is caused by the harmful bacteria named Pseudomonas Aeruginosa. If you find your nail colour as blue, then it may be caused due to the cold temperature and or it may also a symptom of cyanosis. In this disease, the RBC’s are found to be in lack of oxygen.

2. Unusual shapes and structures may be caused due to the nutritional deficiency

Onychogryphosis, a condition where nails start growing into unwanted shapes and structures. This condition can be caused due to the diseases like psoriasis or hystrix. A podiatrist may help you get out of it, while sometimes, removing the nail is all solution.

According to Mayo Clinic, if you find the ridges of nails in the vertical direction, then it may be a normal process of nail growth, although sometimes, they get thicker, due to the increase in person’s age.
While according to the institute “Harvard Health Publishing”, if you find the ridges if your nails in the horizontal direction, then it may due to the lack of proper nutrients. When our body doesn’t get the proper nutrients, then also it may badly effect to our nails.