3. Dark and White colour straight lines at the surface of nails

Lines at the surface of your nails, may be caused due to some of the issues. Basically, there are 2 types of lines that are found to ruin our nails and our body. Acc to the Medscape, the white colour lines that are parameterized to the entire nail, are known as the “Muehrcke’s Lines”,  are said to be connected with the diseases like anaemia, renal failure and pellagra. Whereas another white line that doesn’t parameterize but grows along out to the extent with the nail seems to be associated with thallium poisoning and arsenic. These are known as the “Mees’ Line”.


If anytime, you white these types of lines near the surface of your nails, and rather consult According to the NHS, if you find any dark stripes then it may be caused and be the reason for skin cancer. These dark stripes are known as “Linear Melanonychia”. Never avoid these dark stripes or white lines, otherwise, you may have to feel repentance later.

4. Cracked Nails can also be caused due to the lack of nutrients

Cracked nails can also be caused due to intaking of not proper nutrients. So every time, you face issue with your health and nails, never avoid it, as they may be the reason for your concern in the coming time.

So if you find your nails in unusual shape or structure, texture then must consult your doctor.


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