4 Things That Need To Be Stopped In India

India is facing many problems and there are some problems that need to be sorted out but instead of sorting they are becoming more that worst. Also there are problems with the mentality of Indian’s, because now a days social media has become the controller to control the humans, anything happens in India goes viral in seconds. There are so many things on which, we must need to pay attention and stop socializing.

Worshiping politicians and celebrities.

People of India worships the celebrities , and politicians like they are the God themselves. Don’t know why they give so much important to such kind of people and not to their family members. Yes it is a bitter truth for a second we never respect the elders of our house but stay always ready to serve respect to the people who are already getting so much respect and love. So it must be stopped always worshipping such people and giving priority to them. There is no need to go and rush near a celebrity whenever you get a chance, they have a life too so let them enjoy their life.

Having a fair skin tone.

Having a fair skin tone is not something which will definitely makes you look beautiful. Don’t know why people are always get mad on seeing a fairer skin tone people and wish to look fairer like them , I mean its little strange you should be proud with which skin tone you are born of . Never rush behind the cosmetics who promises to make you look brighter than the usual , it’s a stupidity . Actually these products harm your skin and nothing more than that.

Spends Crores & Make Huge Marriages.

Indians never think anything before spending a huge amount on the weddings , which they have been gathering and collecting for their lifetime. They just want to know everyone that they are rich and not less than others. Wedding function is of a single day , and on that single day they spent all their savings but they never know that people are going to praise them for sometime for keeping a huge wedding , not for a lifetime they will keep on praising.

Being A Addict On Social Media.

Stop being a addict on social-media. Today’s generation have become so lazy because of this social-media , Means its hilarious that people sitting in a room also chat , but they cant talk lively. They don’t know they are wasting so much of their precious time on the internet. They even don’t know that instead of chatting they can take benefits of it , like these social media is not that bad if one really wants to gain some knowledge from these apps.