What people do not do to keep their bodies fit and active. But people forget that it is also necessary to stay healthy with the body as well as the mind. If you do not pay attention to the exercise of your brain then gradually your intelligence and the reporting power will decrease. That’s why we are telling you some exercises that will make your brain work faster.

Keep your brain active to stay healthy and active. It is very important to have the right diet and exercise, complete sleep, and stay calm. A brain is a learning machine. You must try to learn faster and keep your brain active. Apart from this, the speed of the brain and the accuracy of the brain also increases by listening and learning the new language. You should have more than hobbies than usual, which makes Brain active for them. Because many studies have shown that working on your favorite hobbies helps in enhancing the power and speed of your brain. In this way, you can help your brain to stay active.

1. Playing with the Puzzles


Playing puzzles game reduces the risk of getting a disease Alzheimer’s. In this disease, people start forgetting the things. To prevent yourself from getting this disease you should start with newspaper crossword and sudoku games. With these games, you give yourself a challenge, which makes a good exercise of the mind.

2. Use non-dominant hands for everyday activities


Non-dominant hands mean using your hands in the reverse. Like if you are habitual of brushing your teeth and combing your hairs with right hands. Then you must make a change in doing these regular activities. In the other words, you should start doing these little things with your left hand. If you are already habitual of doing it with the left hand then you should reverse it and start doing with the right hands. In this way, you will help your brain to work faster than usual. Similarly doing this for few days will surely help you to remember the things for longer.


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