5 Amazing Steps to keep Your Brain Boosted and smart

2. Use non-dominant hands for everyday activities

Non-dominant hands mean using your hands in the reverse. Like if you are habitual of brushing your teeth and combing your hairs with right hands. Then you must make a change in doing these regular activities. In the other words, you should start doing these little things with your left hand. If you are already habitual of doing it with the left hand then you should reverse it and start doing with the right hands. In this way, you will help your brain to work faster than usual. Similarly doing this for few days will surely help you to remember the things for longer.

3. Change the morning routine

If you like reading the newspaper in the morning then you should spend some time on it otherwise you can also go for a morning walk because at that time your mind is more fresh and active. Going on a morning walk and observing the things will not make you feel happy but also your mind will itself feel fresh than usual.

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