A relationship stays strong only if both the persons love each other unconditionally. If any among them is having the relationship for time pass, it will end soon. Most of the times it happens that after still getting hurt in the relationship people never think of breakup. They keep on giving their best to save the relation and finally when they are tired of doing the efforts they start thinking to quit from the bad relationship. Even after the breakup, the temptation to go back is always hovering over their mind. They still expect that the person will come to apologize, and they will again fall for him the same way. But if you make yourself free from such a relationship in which you are just getting pain and no love, you should take your steps back.  If he is worthy of your love than you are too, and if you not getting what you are expecting to get then there is no point to stay in that relationship. If in case your partner approaches you after the breakup, here are some of the reasons you should never accept his proposal.

You will never be happy


If you have left them, it must have some reason. The reason could be anything. So going back to the same relation may make you happy for some time, but later on, you will start feeling the same. Because in the initial stage of relationship anyone can keep you happy but what matters the most is to keep you happy even after one year of relation. If your partner never leaves a chance to make you feel belittled, unhappy and sad that there is no need to be with him. A good relationship brings you joy and happiness and not sadness.

His behavior will temporarily change


They will keep on doing fake promises to keep you happy and never make you feel sad. But it is up to you to understand that the person who once never kept you happy will never keep you happy for the lifetime. People do get change only in the rare conditions. If you really think that they might have changed, you can think of giving another chance. Make sure to give chance only if you are pretty much sure that they would not hurt your anymore and they will not anymore make you feel repentance for your behavior.

You can never be his top priority


Your presence and absence mean nothing to them, and you always find yourself starving for their attention. He will never give you priority, you are worthy of. Everything in his life will come first only except you. His such actions will not only put you in depression mode but also you will feel broken inside. Staying in such a relationship means you are going to feel yourself a burden on him instead of feeling like a partner.

Learn to move on


I know it is not easy at all. Move on from someone you have loved from the core of your heart is quite difficult. It is easy to ask someone to move on. It really needs a lot of sacrifices and motivation. For this, you can go through various websites and watch videos. After the breakup, you need to realize your importance that you are worthy of love and not of ignorance. You need to keep yourself busy in some curricular activities or social work. You need to stop listening to those sad songs. And of course, you need to fall in love with yourself.

You deserve better


You never need to make compromises on the things you want and you deserve. The person who will deserve you will come straight to your life and will start making efforts to show how important you are in their life. You don’t need to compromise things for him. These are the reasons you should never fall in love with the person who hurt you for the second time. If you are not getting the love from your relationship then there is no point to continue in that relationship. Just be strong and breakup and try to fall in love first so that you can know your value and would not let someone destroy your life.


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