In today’s world it takes less than a second to fall in love, but when the  centre of action is concentrated mainly upon the line, how to maintain this relationship, we usually seek advices or collect ideas from internet to apply on our relationship. Like it takes seconds to fall in love, it takes the same amount of time for the complete ruination of the relationship. As love takes the shape of lust, exasperation, expectations and combats, it suffers from slow death and is gradually sabotaged with the flow of time.  No two hearts can perfectly fit without adjustment and compromise. It completely depends upon the partners how much amount of compromise is healthy for their relationship, without affecting each other’s space, strength & liberty. Your partner can not feel as easy as you feel. Rome wasn’t built in a day & so is everything in this world. It requires the right amount of patience, perseverance, efforts & dedication to nurture & build a successful relationship. The growth of any relationship begins from trust, for a strong root growth always instruct your partner whatever you have done or want to do. Keeping secrets can destroy your relationship secretly and steadly. While there are many strategies & effective ways to keep a relationship hearty & robust, we shall discuss five of them that you should ignore if you want a long-term & blooming relationship with your partner.

1. Stop concealing things from your partner


If you want the garden of your relationship to bloom with gay & mirth, stop keeping things confidential. Secrets & shrouding things from your partner shall gradually lead to trust issues also mysteries can prove dreadful when comes in contact with fidelity in a relationship. Since there will be no trust betwixt both the partners, the love story is ultimately going to end in a melancholic break-up story. Every relationship demands frankness & honesty, fallacious statements and lies can weaken the foundation as well as can make you a swindler in the eyes of your partner. So remember, no hush-hush anew!!

2. Rome wasn’t built in a day


The foundation or base of every animate or inanimate object is fragile. To build it plucky and brawny, proper nourishment, care, time, patience, effort and right amount of love are solely needed.  Rushing in a relationship is an unhealthy sign and in the long run will lead to complete dilapidation of it. Great things take time to achieve and accomplish. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day and a newly born baby never starts walking and speaking the moment he/she opens his/her eyes. This is no big competition so take plenty of time to discuss regarding your likes and dislikes and try knowing each other aptly.

3. Kill your doubts to save your relationship


Doubts, unnecessary exasperation and discontentment will lead to hostility and your partner will feel more war-like staying with you. Plus, you should learn to trust your partner to avoid future combats and rise of displeasing situations. Getting envious and doubting your partner every single time will make you even more vulnerable and all the excitement in your relationship will slowly fade away.

4. No one is perfect, bid adieu to comparison


Even a diamond has rough uneven edges but the right diamond cutter gives it beautiful striking edges. Comparing your relationship status with others can really prove fatal. Your past relationship is a book that you should never open to your present partner. Everyone has his own way of expressing feelings and desires, likes and dislikes differs, so comparison can build low self-esteem and kill your mutual happiness.

5. Stop being the boss


Remember, relationship is not any office so you cannot be the boss every single time. Dominating and over dominating can both sabotage your beautiful relationship completely. There should be mutual love, understanding, concern and respect between both the partners. By dominating and threatening you are sure to welcome a dull and an insecure relationship.



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