If you are in a relationship, are you sure if he really loves you or not? You may have someone in your life who means a lot to you. In a relationship, it really feels insecure that with whom we are going to spend our life, does really worth it. A person must have to be patient before jumping in any relationship, as it requires a lot of patience and as well as understanding.  The relationship can be built upon some of the pillars like respect, care, love, understanding and many more. There are so many ways to check if the person you are going to date or marry, does really have feelings for you only. What if your partner doesn’t feel the same for you?

These are the normal insecurities a relationship holds in it, also these fears are considered to be the worst fears. So let’s see how to overcome these insecurities and fears. And how can we know that the person we are going to have in our life is worth of trusting or not?

1. Morning Text


A morning text plays a very crucial role in someone’s relation as it shows that you are the first thing that comes to his mind as soon as he opens his eyes.  you glad to realize that he wants to have you at the beginning of the day.

2. A smile comes on seeing you


Doesn’t matter how hectic schedule he has been through, or how tired he feels, but immediately as soon as he sees you, he gets a smile on his face.  You can easily feel your importance in his life.”

3. Listens and respect to your thoughts


you priority to your thoughts and wants you to speak as he wants to listen to you, then also he can be the one, you have dreamed for.

4. Remember the special dates


As men seem to forget all the special dates, but If a man does remember all the dates, then you are really lucky.


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