9 Things A Husband should do for their pregnant Wives.

Who are having their pregnancy period of time. Men seem to be unaware of all the sufferings of women, from which they go through during their pregnancy time. Every man deserves to know and appreciate their women pain during the pregnancy time. So here’s the list of the things a man can do for his pregnant lady during her time. By doing all this, he can not only make her lady happy but also he can be a good father.


every time, be there to help her. During her pregnancy time, you may do all the household activities by yourself, and this is how you will show concern towards her health and your baby. She’ll feel like the fortunate women. You can also wash the dishes, do laundry work, and pick vacuum cleaner to clean the floor. Hence, this is said to be one of the appreciated points.


Take some time from your schedule and sit close to your lady and listen to her woe’s, her temporary emotions, and what she feels and ask her to tell you about the movements of baby and show your curiosity to be the father to her.

Wait for her Beckon call

If she asks you for anything like a grape juice that won’t be easy to get, still never say no to her. Try to bring it anyhow and if you don’t get it, don’t feel bad at least you need to go out and try to bring it, then it is up to your destiny whether you get it or not, and still if you come empty hands then she’ll feel still happy as you have made an effort to make her happy.

Show curiosity towards your kid

Don’t leave a second to show your concern and curiosity towards your kid. In this way not only you can make her happy but also you will show your responsibility towards your wife and kid.

Plan Dates

If your wife is in her pregnancy period, it doesn’t mean your break is going from taking her on an outing. No a husband’s duty is never off, whether her lady is going from pregnancy or not. This is again one of the best ways you can make your lady feel fortunate and proud to be your wife.

Bring her favorite things

Bring all her favorite things at home, as it is really necessary for that time for women to be happy. Because everything that she eats, what she feels leaves a print oh her kid. So she needs to stay positive as well as happy.

Be Romantic more than usual

Although she is aware of the fact that you love her unconditionally. But when she’s carrying your kid in her womb, she may suffer from various kinds of woes and mood swings. So you need to show concern and showering little more love than usual is one of the ways to make her feel good during her pregnancy time.

Buy more loose clothes or maternity clothes

Take her to the mall, or show her online e-commerce sites and ask her to buy clothes as much as she wants to. Nothing much than this would ever come cross to this beautiful idea. As during the time of pregnancy, it is common that her stomach gets bigger which is why she needs some new clothes that will not be tight to wear.

Bring some sour things to taste

Everyone knows that ladies do like sour things during their pregnancy period. So you may bring tamarind for her. Hence she will feel a lucky and fortunate woman.

So these were the small things you can do when your wife’s pregnancy period is going on. This is how you can be a good husband and good father too. These are the small things that women seek for during their pregnancy time but they will never tell you straight, but they always want you to understand it, without their need to disclose about it to you.

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