Are you too in a love ? Are you looking to date someone ? Well dating is not really very easy , it requires a lot of time , loyalty , communication , respect , money and deciation too. If you are really dedicated towards someone and want to have his/her attention , then must need to take care of the few points . Because it felt like a heart break when we are not able to get someone’s attention even after doing some efforts.



It is not necessary sometimes when it’s a pure love because we all know relationships are not about money everytime . But you also can’t neglect it if you are lack of it. Your pocket needs it when you are going to take someone on date. So , never forget to put some money in your wallet , before stepping out of your home.



Each and everyone is fond of getting surprises by their partners . Don’t forget to buy something before you are going to meet your beloved. No need to buy something very special or costly , If you are going to meet usually . But if it’s a special occasion like her/his b’day or something else , then you may buy something costly.



This is the thing people usually fails because of. They they think that they are the only one’s who looks attractive in the whole world. So never think you are looking so amazing and the other world doesn’t matters to you. But its not like you don’t need to feel beautiful , everybody is beautiful in his own way and because as it’s a also quote saying “Khoobsurti sirf dekhne wale ki ankhon mai hoti hai” . So have a confidence on yourself is good but having a overconfidence regarding your personality can spoil your relation.



Your nature plays a vital role in keeping a healthy relationship. Everyone has become so anxious now a days that they can’t bear rude voice or something they don’t like . Always keep your sound in a low pitch while talking to your partner. If yous sound is really high then you need to speak politely , as if you will keep speaking in your natural tone , your partner might get easily angry.

Talk about each other.


You must talk about each other instead of talking about the world. Ask about each other’s family , show some concerns regarding to the problems and make them feel like you are a part of their family and their problems have already become yours.
So these are the few things you need to keep in mind before starting a relationship.


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