Man understands Women??? Is it true?? What an awkward question is it!!! I’m sure you haven’t. Have you ever known a man who understands women?? I know you haven’t.  How will you, when such people don’t exist in this world. Supposedly, it will take seven lifetimes for an average man to understand a woman. Don’t forget; this is about the woman you love and fail to understand at least once in a day. There are so many reasons for it but the major reason could be men cannot understand women is that women are larger than life, but they can finally understand them because we’ve got the following manual now. These mannuals will cleared all your doubts at once. You’ll have to put thousand efforts, learn things, and will have to fail a thousand times before you learn even the tiniest bit of the ladies around you. Well, you might say i’m exaggerating, but that’s the truth. However, here are some secrets about women, and they’re something which every man should know. Let’s have a look!

Some people who chose to look at things from a different perspective and left you laughing can pay her attention. Women don’t want to listen what you think. Women want to listen what they think in a deeper voice.


The story of girls always follow zig-zag pattern whereas boys tell it so clearly. Boys follow straight path whereas girls were totally opposite of it.


Well, that’s what women are made up of. The only static element in their life is an ever-changing mind.


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