History Have Told Us Few Lies – Read Throught Till End

There are some ancient things that we have read about is not as true as the history books have told us and they have written in it as. These books have the some facts that are not true but the true and the untold facts will never be seen in such kind of books and any social site. But today we are going to provide you some of the facts that we have not read about about or could imagined about.

Discovery Of America

Everyone must have read about the discovery of America in the young times from the history books. All the books promised to convey the single thought that how Colombus have found the American Continent in 1492. But a lot of people don’t know that colombus was not the first person , the first person was Vikings. He was a person belonged from Europe. He was the first person that have drifted in the centuries of 10th. So basically colombus was not the first person whereas Vikings was the person that have first drifted to the next portion of the New World.

Helmets Of Vikings

Well the shape of the helmets that were used in the ancient times by the Vikings are still not discovered. People are still researching and working on the shapes to get it how exactly it was used to look like. The paintings of the helmets of Vikings were sketched on the Vikings tombs.

If we read about these helmet then only we will know that reserchers have a different theory about the helmets that were the part of rituals and they were not the part of any kind of war. They were found to be in world before the Vikings existence. The lie about the helmets is that we have always been seeing with the Vikings in the movies wearing the horned helmets.

Van Gogh And His Ear

The famous misconception people have towards this is they think that the artist has cut his ear himself and and had gave it to his dear someone. Many of the episodes show a scene of battle which happens between Van Gogh and his buddy Paul Gaugin. In the scene they shows that is was the incident occurred in the conflict. Through battling with each other , the Van used his razor on his buddy and which results Paul cut his ear in the same night.

Napoleon And His Nose

“The fantastic Sphinx of Giza” is a very famous monument . This monument is one of the strangest monuments and is quite famous because the monument has not its nose. All of us are aware of the battle of turks in 1798. It is believed that during the battle of napoleons with Turkish people ,napoleon people have destroyed it , means the nose of the monument. But it was later pooved to be the wrong reason behind the monument looks like without nose. “Danish Traveler Frederic Norden” was someone who proved the reason wrong. From his notes , it also showed the portrayal of the status and the notes were being written in the 1737 , and that time status had no nose on it. So this is how Danish gave the write story by telling the statue is without nose because of some other reason not because of the battles between the napoleons and the Turkish people.

So similarly there are more facts that we don’t know our history books have told are not true.
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