List of the most expensive movies of hollywood

It really needs a huge investment in making a movie especially when it comes to make a Hollywood movie . Hollywood movies are not only appreciated by the Hollywood fans but also other countries like out India too is a huge fan of Hollywood. As the Hollywood movies includes a lot of actions , Hollywood has created a milestone in creating such awesome movies . These movies are highly got appreciated and received so much attention . Some of the films are really very expensive , you may check out about them .

Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides — $403 Million:

This movie was released in the 2011 which cost $378.5 to make but after sometime it was considered the most expensive film ever made since then at the cost of $410 million which is really a very high amount . The movie was very much appreciated , as the scenes of the movies were shot on the various different locations , which included Hawaii , California and the United Kingdom too. It set the records of getting the good results and breaking the records by making $500 , $600 , $700 millions in such a short time . Many various companies were called to execute the visual effects of the movie also the cameras used in the movie Avatar was used to for 3D effects during the production.

Titanic — $298 Million

The year 1997 this movie got released , it was believed to be the most expensive movie ever made . James Cameron was originally decided and gave an estimate about $80 million but it doesn’t took long for him to realise that the amount would not be enough . A lot of their money was spent on building a 90% scale Titanic in a huge water tank. The team really worked hard and the Fox also even teamed uo with Paramount to pay some amounts . Finally the efforts of the teams and James were paid off when the movie Titanic tied up earning $2.98 billions which were almost about 3 millions worldwide.

Spider-Man 3 — $298 Million

Another movie which is believed to be the one of the most expensive movies . Spider-Man 3 earned $890.9 million worldwide, and made its production budget totally worth of doing the efforts .It was the series but this was the most successful movie out of the the whole series. The first film, 2002’s Spider-Man, launched big-budget superhero films. It gained so much profit that there was no problem in investing much more money in the next part . Spider-Man 3 was the third highest-grossing film of 2007. It set a single-day record upon its Friday release ($104 million) and broke its record the following day with a $117.6 million take on Saturday .

Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince — $279 Million

Harry potter series is one of the most being loved series , everyone waits for the next part to get released . Out of all of Warner Bros.’s Harry Potter films, the Half-Blood Prince was the most expensive to make . The Director David Yates reportedly tried doing some experimental things during filming but was forced to make changes during post-production in order to keep hardcore Harry Potter fans happy. After getting the huge success the actors start demanding the large salaries for the next part. The studio and directors were wise to create an investment in the franchise because Half-Blood Prince earned $934 million worldwide. It’s the 8th highest-grossing film of all time.

Avatar — $265 Million

James Cameron who was also the only one behind the success of the Titanic He spent a lot of money making Avatar using 3D technology and other special effects. Each scene was shot so amazingly and it took 99 hours to produce , and there were 24 frames per second. Many few people would know that this movie ‘s script demanded of a differenet language which was taught to over 100 actors and required a good salary .Fortunately, Cameron’s efforts and production cost was well worth it. Avatar became the first film to earn over $2 billion worldwide, eventually making $2.8 billion by the end of 2010.

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice — $250 million

The Batman V Superman grossed over $400 million worldwide during its Easter weekend release in 2016. Unfortunately, its box office totals dropped significantly during its second weekend, which was reported as “one of the biggest Friday-to-Friday drops any blockbuster has ever seen.” Word of mouth, apparently, wasn’t too kind (and reviews were mostly negative). The film was expensive to make for several reasons. First, executives had to pay the salaries of Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, and Jesse Eisenberg. The movie was shot in several locations across the United States, and there were tons of visual effects. Ultimately, it made $873 million worldwide.

Also there were movies like Captain America : Civil War , The chronicles of Narnia , The fate of the furious , and ben-hur and many more joined hands in making the most expensive movies.