Take This Relationship ‘Would You Rather’ Quiz to Reveal Your Ideal Man

Every relationship has its ups and downs, even the ones that seem to be perfect from an outsider’s perspective. Sometimes you’re forced to make tough choices, and if you end up making too many compromises, it can lead to a breakup. So what’s most important to you when you’re dating someone?

Are you more interested in finding a guy with a great personality, or are looks your #1 priority? Are you comfortable enough with your man to go to the bathroom with the door open when he’s around, or would you never in a million years let that happen?

This quiz will ask you a series of incredible tough “Would you rather…?” questions. Then, based on your answers, we’ll guess what your ideal man would be. Ready to see if we’ll get it right or if we’ll be way off? Brace yourself for some head-scratching, because these questions are tough!


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