Tummy And What Nope! These Celebs Assure Their Best Incomprehensible Body parts.

They assure their body parts! Yes you read it right the only thing which can not be brought back at any kind of price is the body parts of their’s and since it’s their only mode of earning money nothing can be done to get them back, so this is the most important thing to them. It’s basically like an insurance. You might have thought what does it refer too…basically insurance if I asked to a normal person like you? It’s a cover and a sort of backup that everyone has in their life in case something happens and they are no longer able to use that thing or even themselves. There are infinite insurance companies that provide different services for different things, from life insurance to car, bike etc. insurance. And this is very useful for a normal people considering what they earn. But what do celebs insure as they don’t have anything of that value that can not be bought again by any amount of money? However, what might you do if your life relies upon it? Like on the off chance that you are an on-screen artist or superstar acquiring off your looks and that happens to get harmed in a mishap. You’ll not have the capacity to take after a similar occupation in life again if not safeguarded. You might have heard about this many times as these acts of craziness going around media but in reality, that’s what it matters. If you spent your lifetime earnings on a costly car and it gets damaged there is no way you’re ever driving it again without an insurance and same goes for celebs, if they spent lifetime harnessing a talent and due to some mishap that gets damaged the there is no way they’re getting it back. We know most celebrities have cash to burn, but it doesn’t really sink in until you read about one of them buying an island or spending insane amounts of money on something you know they’ll never use. Case in point, at least for most, is the mad insurance a lot of these people dish out for their bodies – inside and out. Here are the most expensive celebrities body parts!

1. Mariah Carey

Yeah, I can’t believe it either. She is an American artist, lyricist, record maker, and an on-screen character. Constantly singing songs about love and other feelings pays off it seems. Gillette Razors brought her on for their ‘Legs of a Goddess’ campaign and insured them walkers for an unbelievable $1 billion. The most unbelievable fact that everybody should have to accept it.

2. Jennifer Lopez

This one should come as no surprise. The woman who arguable started the ‘booty craze’, for want of a better term, insured her own backside for $27 million.The main attraction of her videos for some people are her butts so it’s considerable too.The American vocalist who never dithered to move in her recordings got her butts protected for an astounding whole of $300 million. There might be bigger and better ones around today, but the original will always remain in our hearts.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo

“Cristiano Ronaldo” The biggest name you all would have heard about it. Similarly a lot of these footballers are getting their legs insured, and it’s for a pretty nasty reason. Top football players are usually the recipients of hardcore attacks on the field, such as out of bounds kicking. A standout amongst the most prominent players in the realm of soccer, Ronaldo got his legs safeguarded for $144 million. This could end their career, so the insurance situation in this case makes sense. The Tom Jones one still doesn’t though.

4. Taylor Swift

“Taylor Swift” The name we all love it. With a hefty touring schedule and demanding routines, it was only a matter of time until Taylor insured her tippy toes. The American artist, who changed from down home music to pop melodies, was worried about the possibility that that something appalling may happen to her legs amid her global visits. Along these lines, she went for a protection of $40 million that can enable her to perform in front of an audience with no dread. Those legs go on for days! She was also afraid of her legs and considering them one of the finest parts of her body she didn’t take a chance and insured them at $40 Million. They’re also one of her defining features and can probably knock a guy out from the other end of a room.

5. The most pretty and wonderful smile. She is none other than Julia Roberts.

Yeah, you’ve heard right. That’s the truth. She’s none other than Julia Roberts. Having the most beautiful smile. She has the perfect smile, with evenly spaced teeth, the right shade of white and healthy gums. This one isn’t actually as bizarre as it seems, considering cavities and broken teeth are things that could actually happen. Julia is known for wide smile, something that I didn’t personally like at first but which grew on me. I guess that’s her secret. Julia Robert, the US performer, is such a great amount in affection with her grin that she chose to put a sticker price to it and protected it for $30 million. She has the ideal grin, with equitably separated teeth, the correct shade of white and solid gums.

6. Daniel Crag

You’ll be quiet amazed when you heard that his whole body is insured for $ 9.5 million. The James Bond actor decided to insure his entire body after doing his own stunts in Quantum of Solace and realising he’s not invincible. Before settling on the Bond arrangement, the British performing artist took a strategy of $9.5 million for his body since he needed no body twofold for his tricks and knew about the mischances which can happen. That’s not a very Bond thing to do, but it IS a smart thing to do.

7. Bruce Springsteen.

You all’ll be amazed after come to know this amazing news about Bruce Springsteen is that his vocal cords insured for $6 million. Bruce is a living American legend, and one thing he can’t afford to lose is his voice. Now, thanks to generous insurance policies, he actually can afford to lose it! The stone and move legend from America has safeguarded his most valuable body part, the vocal harmonies. The singing sensation took a protection of walloping 6$ million. These and many more celebs have insured the body part that was most priceless to them, and they were really crazy in doing that. You might have understood the significance of every organ now. Fun fact – ‘Born in the USA’ wasn’t actually a patriotic song, but was a protest against the military policies of America during the Vietnam War!

8. Kylie Minogue

Butt insured for $5 million. You all Wasn’t aware that Kylie’s derriere had such status in the booty world. Either way, she insured it, convincing me that these people do in fact poop money. It was really a great and dazzling thing you all would have known so far. This really amazed everyone’s eyes.

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