Top 4 Travel Insurance for Couple

There’s nothing better than a holiday with a significant other or a good mate. It’s truly a shared experience, memorable from the early planning stages to year later when you’re reminiscing over all the old photos.  It’s a given that you’ll look out each other while travelling, so why not travel with yourself insured with Couple travel insurance. Which is a convenient and often cheaper way for you to protect your holiday.

You should have peace of mind with you when you jointly travel. You got your passport, your new cloth, may be that awesome jacket or those fancy shoes. But are you forgetting something? That’s a Joint Travel Insurance which is a most important item that should be on top of your list while travelling jointly.  Generally, the coverage of this policies is provided for each person, but this kind of product is usually designed for persons who plan on traveling together. The main things is to check that your joint travel insurance policy provisions to check whether it allows you to travel separately and will enjoy the coverage being provided had you been traveling together. In this insurance policies both of you rather than two separate policies are cover. It can often prove a lot cheaper to take out joint travel insurance.

What do joint travel insurance policies cover?

When a typical couples travel insurance policies offers medical cover up to £2 million as well as it include personal liability cover of at least £1 million, but it can vary, so always read document of policy before accepting it which will better while purchasing. For each of you, it should also provide cancellation cover up to an amount that is at least as high as the cost of your planned trip. It including any prepaid activities such as ski lessons or excursions-as well as sufficient baggage or ‘personal belongings’ insurance.
Now, look out for the travel coverage that will compensates you for any loss to your travel plans, such as loss incurred as result of natural events like tsunami, flood, avalanches, earthquakes or hotel go bust and you don’t have any protection against this type of failure.

*When it is on a per person basis, this mean that both of you stand to get the coverage of the same amount. For the event happened to both of you (i.e. you both had to cancel your trip).

*When it is on per policy basis, the insurance company only up to the limit provided in the policy. Regardless of whether only one or the two of you filing claim for the same covered limit.

*The answer to the question is to check policy provided before purchasing. That is the only way to get know for sure whether you can travel on your own and enjoy the coverage that the joint travel insurance policy provided to you.
The advantages of a joint travel policy is that save premium costs, because instead of two travel policies, are buying just only one.

Common exclusions

You will offer many types of travel policies will provide for your protection are not similar as mentioned above in this, not all offer will catastrophe insurance or end-supplier failure cover.

Another common exclusion that could be applicable to travel insurance for couple is that declared when you apply for travel insurance and any claim you make, leaving you and your partner to cover any medical costs yourselves. There is also a limit that will apply to any claim made for loss, for example theft or damage to your possessions while you are away. Therefore you could have to check the baggage section of the policy to ensure that single item limit is high enough to cover and valuable you plan to take away with you.

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

This European Health Insurance Card is entitle for medical treatment at low cost in the state like EU country (Plus Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland) at the same cost as local people would pay- which often means it’s free of cost. It is important to have one of it with you while you are travelling to Europe. You can apply for this card easily and the validity of the (EHIC) card is five years, you can apply at or by calling the EHIC phone line on 0845 606 2030.  Do not make simply mistake of viewing an EHIC card as a substitute for travel insurance, though. Otherwise you will end up footing the bill for private hospital treatment as well as any losses due to the cancellation of trip or theft of baggage.

Money Saving tip

Taking out a couple travel policies is cheaper than taking a policies of single person at a time. It is cheapest policies because of jointly policies.
Other ways to save money is opting for annual. Multi-trip (which means annual multi trip travel insurance you are covered for a number of trips within a 12 month period).
Don’t automatically choose the cheapest option without checking the cover provided though. As this could be false, loss of economy should you need to make a claim?

Type of Travel Insurance

There are several types of Travel Insurance Plan for example. Individual, Family travel insurance, student travel insurance plan, joint insurance plan.