Top Cheapest Car Insurance for Women

Generally car insurance for vehicle which are on road. Its primary use to provide financial protection against physical damage or bodily injury resulting traffic collisions and just liabilities aeries due to the incidents in a vehicle. Car insurance also provide additional offer for financial  protection against theft of the vehicle, and damage to the vehicle sustained from event other than traffic collisions. Such events like keying, weather or natural disasters, and damages by colliding with stationary objects. The specific terms for car insurance vary from the legal regulation in each region. The common misconception that women are the bad drivers is not backed up for the car
insurances statistics. In fact, women of all ages are less expensive to buy a car insurance for especially women under the age of 25 years. There is not any special discount for women drivers, but women can take advantages of the same discounts as men, and since they are already cheaper to insurance than a men.

There are many aspects to the rating which calculates the price fo the insurance policy. While gender is one of them. There are three biggest rating factors are the vehicle’s location, prior driving history, and type of vehicle. It is seen that to find the car insurance for women is cheaper than for the man. This is the fact that women drivers are statistical fewer accidents and make less claims, which the insurers to reward them with lower premiums. Recently, a new law made by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) means that insurers cannot take gender wise account when calculating the cost of insurance. The new law, came into existence on 21 December 2012, is bad news for women drivers who have to increases to the cost of their car insurance.

Finding cheap car insurance for women.

One of the main factor likely to have a big effect on the price of women’s car insurance is the type of the car you drive, with the car’s speed, security feature.
You can also cut the car insurance costs by adding a named driver to the insurance policy, especially if they’re older and more experienced on the road for driving, adding extra security features, such as alarm or immobilizer, can often help to get cheap car insurance for women. Everything Else Just being a woman isn’t going to get a good rate of insurance. Your age is important matter and you will be given a lower rate if you are over 35 year old. They should have a anti-theft devices installed on your car, especially if it is a popular model with thieves. They also have to continue to have a safe driving record. Ask to purchase a yearly policy rather than purchase every six months. Find out if there is there is any discount while making the payment of insurance premium by online process or electronically. Watch your credit rating as well because a poor rating can raise your auto insurance rates.

How Vehicles Affect Insurance Rates

If the women have the high automobile like sports cars or muscle car than they can get
affected by the insurance on it. To get it on safer side than the women have a penchant for buying safer automobile. Family-size crossovers and minivans in particulars are more often driven by women than a man and generally both have a greater safety ratings than muscle cars. However large pickup trucks may receive excellent safety ratings for their passengers, but they can cause a big damages to other vehicle in a collision. Because of SUVs and pickup  trucks are characteristically are more expensive than a minivans because of it to ensure than a mid-size car. Since these larger vehicles are more purchased by men as compare to women, it’s one more contributing factors than why men tend to have more expensive insurance.

The Cost of Claims on Insurance.

However both men and women cause a car accident. You may be surprised to learn that
accidents tend to more in case of men as compare to women and it is more deadly in case of men than as women. Not only more men are killed in car accident than women each year in car crashes, but they also cause more collisions. It is seems that each year, male drivers cause over one and a half million more motor vehicle accidents than a women. This is why the insurance company charge more than women insurance from the men for their safety of their clients and helps explain why insurance companies see women as lees of a risk.

How Women Can Save on Car Insurance.

Even through women seems to have a more advantages as more than a men due to their decisions in regarding to risk-taking and vehicle preference, many women still want to find more ways to reduce their car insurance. Luckily, there are plenty of discounts available for both men and women which will allow them to reduce their premiums. The first place to look for saving on your car insurance is with the car you are insuring have a Anti-lock brake system, electronic stability control and automatic transmissions are all ways the car can save your money. If the driver side it have a airbag than it will be higher safer and reduce the cost of insurance, and car with theft determent devices, even theft resistance radios, receive additional discounts that women can advantages in car insurance policy. Many insurance company also provide special discount to the students with good grades, have low annual mileage, or have completed a defensive driving course. You may surprised to learn that almost all major insurers offer a special military discount to both men and women.

Factors That Raise Women’s Premiums

While it is seems that women always get the car insurance at cheap rate but in some cases men also get on cheap rate. Personal demographics will also affect your insurance rates. If you live in zip code with a low crime rate. Owning your own home it will translate your premium into lower premiums, and if you park your car in a private garage at night then you will another security discount. Furthermore if you have a Bachelor’s degree or better, than you’ll get a discount for academic

There are few reasons men may have less expensive insurance include:

* Being more experienced driver.
* Have a longer insurance history.
* Filing few claims.
* Living in zip code where is less crime.
* Maintaining clean driving record.
* Having better credit.

The fact is that women tend to be teased for being inferior to men in term of driving. The
statistics show that don’t lie. Women get better insurance rate as compare to men for a
reason. Since numerous studies have found men to be more costly to insure, it doesn’t look like this trend will change any time but soon. That’s good news for women everywhere.

Third Party Insurance

It is compulsory to have a Third Party Insurance in a car insurance viz. (CTPI) is linked to the registration of a vehicle. It is generally transferred when the vehicle is sold. It cover the vehicle owner and any person who drives the vehicle against claims for liability in respect of the death or injury to people caused by the vehicle owner or driver, but not for the damages. A compulsory third party insurance covered the third party with the repairing costs of the vehicle, any property damages which are encountered as a result of an accident by the insured. This may include any kind of fiscal damage or bodily injuries or damages of the property and covers the cost of all reasonable medical treatment for injuries received in the accident, cost care services, and in some cases compensation for pain and suffering.

Coverage levels

The car insurance cover some of all of the following items:
– The insured party (Payment of medical treatment).
– Propert damage caused by insured person.
– The insured vehicle (Physical Damage).
-Third Party (Car, People, Property damage and bodily injury).
– Third party (Fire and Theft).
– The cost of rent a vehicle (Damage).
– Accidents involving uninsured motorists.
There are diferent types of policies that specify the circumstance under which each item is covered. For example, a vehicle can be insured from it get theft, fire damage, or accident damage independently.

Type of Insurance

The Vehicle Insurance (Car Insurance) which comes under Transport/Communication insurance policy.

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